SEO jobs in New York

SEO jobs in New York

SEO jobs in New York typically range from entry-level positions to senior-level roles.

Here’s a breakdown of the possible SEO job titles you might find:

  • Entry-Level SEO Analyst/Specialist: This role involves supporting senior SEO professionals with research, data analysis, and basic technical tasks.
  • SEO Analyst/Specialist: With some experience under your belt, you’ll take on a more comprehensive role including keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page optimization, and link building.
  • SEO Content Strategist: This position focuses on creating and implementing SEO-friendly content strategies to improve organic traffic.
  • SEO Manager: Here, you’ll oversee the entire SEO strategy for a company, managing a team of SEO specialists and analysts.
  • Director of SEO: This senior-level role involves leading the SEO efforts for a large organization, setting the overall strategy, and managing a sizable SEO team.


Entry-level SEO jobs in New York City

  • SEO Analyst: This role involves research, data analysis, and reporting on website traffic and SEO performance. You might assist with keyword research, competitor analysis, and on-page optimization tasks.
  • SEO Specialist (Junior): This is a hands-on SEO role where you’ll implement SEO strategies. You could be working on tasks like link building, content optimization, and technical SEO audits.
  • Content Marketing Coordinator (with SEO focus): This role combines content creation with SEO best practices. You’ll be involved in creating content that attracts organic traffic and ranks well in search engines.
  • Digital Marketing Assistant (with SEO responsibilities): This is a broad digital marketing role where you’ll support SEO efforts alongside other marketing tasks. You might help with social media promotion, competitor research, or data entry for SEO projects.

mid-level SEO positions

These are the mid-level SEO positions you’ll typically find in New York:

  • SEO Specialist: At this level, you’ll be a more experienced SEO practitioner. You’ll likely take on more responsibility for developing and executing SEO strategies, managing projects, and overseeing junior team members.
  • SEO Manager: This is a leadership role where you’ll be responsible for the overall SEO strategy and performance of a company or website. You’ll manage an SEO team, set goals, and track results.
  • Content Marketing Manager (with SEO Expertise): In this role, you’ll oversee content creation but with a strong focus on SEO. You’ll ensure content adheres to SEO best practices and contributes to the overall SEO strategy.

Here’s a table summarizing the key differences between these mid-level SEO positions:

Job TitleFocusResponsibilities
SEO SpecialistHands-on SEO executionDevelops and implements SEO strategies, manages projects, oversees junior team members
SEO ManagerLeadership and StrategySets SEO goals, manages an SEO team, tracks results, reports to senior management
Content Marketing Manager (SEO Expertise)Content creation with SEO focusOversees content creation, ensures content adheres to SEO best practices, integrates content with SEO strategy

Senior-Level SEO positions

Here’s a breakdown of the senior-level SEO positions in New York:

  • Senior SEO Manager: This role involves leading and managing a team of SEO specialists. You’ll be responsible for setting the overall SEO vision and strategy, managing budgets, and driving significant organic traffic growth. You’ll also likely be involved in reporting SEO performance to senior management.
  • Director of SEO: This is an executive-level position overseeing the entire SEO department or function. You’ll be responsible for developing and implementing long-term SEO strategies, managing a large team, and collaborating with other departments like marketing and product development.
  • Head of Search Engine Optimization: Similar to Director of SEO, this is a senior leadership role. The specific title may vary depending on the company structure. Your responsibilities will involve managing the SEO team, setting the SEO vision and goals, and ensuring SEO is aligned with the overall business strategy.

Here’s a table summarizing the key differences between these senior-level SEO positions:

Job TitleResponsibilitiesFocus
Senior SEO ManagerLead and manage SEO team, set SEO vision & strategy, manage budgets, report to senior managementLeading and managing SEO efforts
Director of SEOOversee entire SEO department, develop long-term strategies, manage large team, collaborate with other departmentsExecutive-level leadership of SEO
Head of Search Engine OptimizationManage SEO team, set SEO vision & goals, ensure SEO aligns with business strategySenior leadership of SEO

Additional factors to consider:

  • Some companies may offer SEO specializations like SEO for e-commerce or technical SEO.
  • You might also find SEO combined with other digital marketing areas like PPC (pay-per-click) advertising under titles like “Search Engine Marketing Specialist” or “Digital Marketing Strategist.”

For a more comprehensive idea of SEO jobs available in New York, you can search on job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn using keywords like “SEO” and “New York.”

You can find job postings for these positions on various job boards, or by searching for “SEO Jobs New York” on Indeed, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn.


SEO is a viable career choice for living in NYC

  • High Demand: SEO is an in-demand skill in major marketing hubs like NYC. Many businesses there compete for online visibility, making SEO professionals valuable assets.
  • Good Salaries: SEO specialists in NYC can command competitive salaries. The salary depends on experience and expertise, but it can be enough to afford a good living in NYC.
  • Remote Work Opportunities: While many SEO jobs are office-based, there’s a growing trend of remote SEO positions. This allows for more flexibility and can be helpful with NYC’s high cost of living.

However, here are some things to consider:

  • Cost of Living: NYC is an expensive city. While SEO salaries can be good, factor in housing, food, and transportation costs to see if it aligns with your financial needs.
  • Competition: NYC’s large talent pool can mean stiff competition for SEO jobs. Be prepared to showcase your skills and experience to stand out.

SEO is a viable career choice for living in NYC. If you’re skilled, experienced, and can manage the high cost of living, you can find success in this dynamic city.